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Cynthia Stroud- Cake Artist from Pretty Gorgous Cakes

Jason Arnopp- Author of Ghoster

Thomas Ralph- Reviewer from London Escapists covering The Hunt for the Smoking Caterpillar


Musical Guests: Jo-Jo O' and the Woods

Special Coverage of the Kensington Karavan Theatre

Meet the Director

Dominika Lapinska

Dominika graduated with a first class honours degree in BA Film and TV Studies from the University of Warwick in 2016 and completed the Assistant Directing Diploma at NFTS in 2018.
She was always interested in storytelling and wanted to pursue practical film-making from a young age. Before and during her theoretical degree at Warwick, which gave her a needed basis for understanding cinema, she learned practice at workshops and internships around the world. There she produced and directed short films as well as assisted on various TV programmes. In turn, her first time at NFTS showed her how the industry works. As an AD she worked closely with many different departments learning about each of them and what they require.

After graduating, Dominika worked as a Production Manager and Assistant Producer at “Nowa” TV Station in Poland. The job gave her practical experience in both organisational and creative aspects of producing. During the first year of MA in Directing and Producing TV Entertainment she had the opportunity to develop and produce entertainment shows as well as direct the edits. 

Meet the Producer

Breanne Krause

Breanne graduated from the University of California at Santa Cruz in 2018 with two bachelors in Film and Digital Media with a Production Concentration and Business Management Economics. Each degree was awarded with an honors distinction as well as a Magna Cum Lade  accreditation. Between her undergrad and joining the NFTS, Breanne spent six months working in Florida as part of the Disney College and Progessional Internships Program. She has traveled around the world studying under five different universities in three different countries, all in effort to expand her knowledge of the filmmaking craft. 

Breanne has always been interested in filmmaking, whether it was behind or in front of the camera. She has worked as an actor, director, and cinamatographer, amoung the many other crew and team roles she has undertaken.

Currently, Breanne is working on her masters at the National Film and Television School. She is on the Directing and Producing for TV Entertainment MA, and hopes to go on to produce and direct throughout the television industry after she graduates in 2021. 

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